A fireplace or log burner is often a selling-point when buying a new home, and once you've moved in and unpacked the kettle, it's a great pleasure to light the fire and relax, but how do you know it is in safe working order?

The truth is that most homebuying surveys do not identify whether a fireplace is safe to use. In fact, hundreds of homes get sold every year with faulty installations and no paperwork detailing their installation or service history.  A customer recently described this as 'like moving in and finding the toilet isn't plumbed in.'  Whilst not as inconvenient as having no flushing toilet, a poorly installed stove or unsafe chimney can cause real harm and it's important to have it checked by a professional before lighting it.

The Home Buyer's Inspection includes:

  • An inspection of the fireplace/stove installation

  • A ground level external inspection of the chimney and any pots/terminals

  • A check of the internal components of the fireplace or stove

  • A full sweep of the flue

  • CCTV flue inspection 

  • A smoke test

  • Advice on how to use your appliance effectively

  • Paperwork documenting work undertaken and any advice/recommendations

  • Details of reputable chimney specialists who will be able to rectify any problems